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Case Study - Partner Co-Marketing Analytical Needs Assessment
Client Description
World’s largest media and communications conglomerate providing products and services across filmed entertainment, networks, internet services, cable services, and publishing; annual revenues are ~$47B.
Business Challenge
Challenges included poor implementation of process and insufficient reporting tools for the internet service segment’s billing function; this resulted because of partnerships with multiple 3rd party cable companies; the net result was poor customer experience because of incorrect billing and insufficient info to triage customer service complaints.
Case Studies Summary
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Actions Taken
Reengineered and deployed new business processes to manage billing anomalies
Conducted interviews and workshops to identify management reporting requirements for billing anomalies
Created report prototypes and conducted stakeholder validation sessions to ensure mock-ups represented user requirements
Developed an on-demand web reporting tool to house and distribute management reports
Conducted training and validation sessions to ensure end users accepted and understood the an online reporting tool’s capabilities
Business Benefits
Enabled the client to improve their billing processes when partnering with 3rd party cable companies
Improved cash flow management by ensuring customers were being billed correctly and in a timely manner
Improved the customer experience and reduced the number of end user reported complaints related to billing issues
Provided representatives with the required customer/billing details to address customer service complaint calls
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