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Case Study - Sales and Marketing Analytical Needs Assessment
Client Description
Leading biotechnology company engaged in discovering, developing, manufacturing and commercializing biotherapeutics for critical medical conditions such as cancer, asthma and angiogenic disorders; annual revenues are ~$13.5B.
Business Challenge
Challenges included no single view of healthcare patients, payers, providers, and influencers, disagreement between field personnel and HQ operations regarding the best way to measure sales/marketing performance, and confusion as to which 3rd party purchased data sources should be used in the future.
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Actions Taken
Conducted discovery interviews and workshops across sales, marketing, and IT to identify the current inventory of analytical reports and data sources
Combined interview results and best practice KPIs to identify the future state inventory of analytical needs
Collaborated with senior directors and field sales/marketing personnel in change management activities aimed at alignment on analytical requirements
Business Benefits
Reduced and clarified the number of reports needed to effectively operate the sales and marketing functions
Improved organizational alignment between the field and HQ on the best measurements to use to evaluate performance
Arrived at a consensus with respect to the future analytical and data needs
Enabled other project tracks to evaluate risk and allowed for immediate planning on data sourcing and application requirements
Identified a universe of potential 3rd party data sources to utilize going forward
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