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Case Study - Business Process Design for SFA Implementation
Client Description
International supplier of proprietary virtualization software serving more than 20,000 organizations, collaborating with over 500 technology companies, and going to market through over 10,000 channel partners; annual revenues are ~$2B.
Business Challenge
Challenges resided with the overall management of the partner channel as a result of an increased number of partners, insufficient workflow & reporting tools, growing complexity and number of partner programs, employee turnover, and lack of future state business process vision.
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Actions Taken
Conducted a vendor evaluation to identify the appropriate IT tool for partner relationship management (PRM) activities
Conducted over 30 client interviews to develop a PRM process inventory and a process interaction map
Analyzed current state PRM processes and performed a comprehensive study of the process issues
Designed and led future state PRM process visioning workshops with key stakeholders
Developed and validated future state process flows which addressed the current state process issues
Business Benefits
Provided a reference manual for the enterprise’s current and future state partner facing activities
Provided a foundation for initiating process changes and improvements to the partner experience
Provided a platform to develop the appropriate PRM IT tools which were designed to:
Increase revenue by making it easier and quicker to interface with partners
Reduce processing costs and steps
Increase the enterprise’s knowledge through a single view of a partner’s behaviors, values, and attitudes
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