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Case Study - New Product Development Strategy and Valuation
Client Description
Global consumer products manufacturer with production units in 37 countries and sales offices in 150 countries; popular household brands span the areas of adult feminine care, baby/child care, and family care; annual revenues are ~$16B.
Business Challenge
Challenges included insufficient yield from the innovation pipeline, long time to market for new products, poor coordination between R&D and Marketing, and new product portfolio decision making primarily based on subjective inputs.
Case Studies Summary
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Actions Taken
Developed model with in-house statistical experts to value innovation projects from ideation through commissioning
Developed enterprise scale business solution to deliver the advanced statistical model through the SAP-BW platform
Created business processes and technical solutions to bring externally held consumer data in-house in order to fuel the model
Conducted transformation activities including training cross-functional teams on quantitative scenario-based modeling
Business Benefits
Provided valuation results early in new product development cycle to “cull” low margin projects
Optimized innovation spend for the enterprise through a portfolio valuation tool
Expanded the value of previous research  investments by presenting historical findings clearly to teams
Provided a data based feedback loop on innovation decisions
Encouraged cross-functional collaboration and knowledge transfer
Provided brand and product teams with a simulation tool based on consumer preference
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