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Case Study - Customer Quality Analysis & Roadmap Development
Client Description
Global leader in power generation and power service with annual revenues approaching ~$20 billion; the company’s Plant Parts and Service division is a leader in providing parts and services to U.S. coal-fired power plants.
Business Challenge
Challenges included misalignment between field marketing and the home office with respect to their quality levels, dependency on anecdotal information when searching for causes of their quality issues, and no development of a focused, articulated, and sustainable quality improvement plan.
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Actions Taken
Performed qualitative and quantitative analysis of customer, product, service, and vendor quality information
Conducted workshops to define and align on opportunities to improve customer quality
Developed a roadmap of staged customer quality improvement initiatives and initiative details
Aligned stakeholders on roadmap improvement content and initiative ownership
Business Benefits
Estimated financial benefit of ~$3.5M/year
Increased brand awareness and customer satisfaction
Improved organizational alignment on quality definitions, issues, and directions
Improved process performance for order management, vendor management, and quality assurance
Reduced dependency on customer support
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