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Case Study - Customer Segmentation and Strategy Development
Client Description
Global company engaged in the production, publishing and distribution of interactive media products, primarily video games; ranks in the top five in terms of video game market share in the United States and Europe with ~$1B in annual revenue.
Business Challenge
Challenges included a customer strategy that was not aligned with changes in the industry, no formal and data driven customer segmentation model, and a large quantity but low quality of customer data which resided in unconnected silos.
Case Studies Summary
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Actions Taken
Developed a behavior-based customer segmentation model based on existing but disparate customer, product, and service data
Assessed the organizationís customer relationship management technologies, data feeds and technical plans
Developed a CRM Marketing Roadmap outlining the development of future customer-centric organizational capabilities
Business Benefits
Estimated financial benefit of ~$18M
Ensured that marketing programs and customer efforts are based on a unified understanding of a finite set of customer profiles
Provided a basis from which to build customized interactions for each customer segment
Identified key business and technical capabilities needed in order to develop meaningful customer relationships
Illustrated a sequential, multi-phase schedule in order to implement and deploy the new business capabilities in logical and paced manner
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